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Thomas Stephen (3)

1862 – 1935


Relationship to Ron & Ian



Thomas Stephen (2) – 1825 – 1882 (Presumed – see note below)
Elspet Moir – 1833 – 1891


Annie Shepherd Gibb – 1871 – 1835


Christean Stephen – c1892 –
Robert Stephen – c1894 –
Arthur Stephen – c 1896 –
Annie Gibb Stephen – 1898 – 1986
Alexander Stephen – c1899 –
Danny Stephen – c1902 –
Jim Stephen – c1904 –


Date Age Event Place
6 August 1862 Birth Aberdeen
1881 18 Farm labourer, living in 31 Mealmarket St, St Nicholas (Aberdeen)
1891 28 Mason’s blacksmith, living in 16 Stafford St, Aberdeen
18 December 1891 29 Marriage to Annie Shepherd Gibb Church of Scotland, Trinity Branch, Aberdeen
1901 38 Living in Aberdeen Old Machar
1916 43 Blacksmith (journeyman)
April 29 1935 73 Death Aberdeen

Farm labourer, blacksmith, toolsmith.


Thomas’ mother, Elspet Moir, married John Sangster, lived in Methlick and Foveran, and had 3 children. When John died, Elspet moved to Aberdeen and had 4 more children, as follows:

Jane Stephen was born in 1859 and Thomas Stephen (2) was named as father. Jane only lived for 3 years, dying while Elspet was pregnant with Thomas.

Thomas Henry Stephen Moir (Thomas Stephen 3) was born in 1862, and given the name Thomas Henry Stephen Moir. No father was named, but Thomas Stephen (2) is believed to be the father because:

  • Thomas (3) later named him as his father (e.g. on his marriage certificate).
  • Elspet gave him the names of both Henry (the father of her subsequent child) and Stephen (the father of her previous child). It seems most likely that her relationship with Thomas (2) ended while she was pregnant, and her relationship with Francis Henry began around the same time.
  • Thomas’ brother Arthur lived in the same street (Market St) as Elspet, and the address given by Thomas at the birth of Jane.

Mary Ann Henry Moir was born in 1863, and Francis Henry (or Hendry) was named in a subsequent court case as the father.

Jane Moir was born in 1866, with no father named.

Thomas (3) is not acknowledged in the will of Thomas (2), but Thomas (3) claimed he was his father. That is most likely the case, but cannot be certain.

Which blacksmith?

Jock and Annie’s son Ron once told the story, presumably which he heard from his mother, of two blacksmiths in the family. One was a dour man but the other was a jovial man who used to take the neighbourhood children for rides on his cart on weekends.

Thomas was probably one of these two (the other may have been one of the Gibb family). But which one?

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